Here in the Northwest, state agencies, local governments, and community stakeholders are all committed to improving the water quality in our lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound. The Wastewater professionals at Gray & Osborne are focused on practical applications of appropriate technologies that help communities plan, finance, and build facilities that help to ensure the future of clean water in our region.

Facility planning

Sewer comprehensive planning

Treatment plant capacity analysis

Treatment facility planning

Nutrient removal

Water reclamation and reuse

Ultraviolet disinfection

Biosolids management

Outfall/mixing zone studies

Infiltration and inflow studies

Collection system hydraulic modeling

Lift station design

Energy efficiency and recovery

WW Image 1
Lake Stevens Sewer District - WWTF
WW Image 2
Puyallup - Water Pollution Control Plant
WW Image 3
Sumner - Regional WWTF
WW Image 4
Toppenish - WWTF