Good, clean water is no longer an “unlimited resource,” even here in the Northwest. Gray & Osborne’s water professionals have planned and designed water systems throughout Washington State since 1935. We have developed innovative and sustainable solutions for surface water filtration, spring and well development, groundwater contaminants, desalinization, reservoirs, pumping and distribution.

Water Comprehensive Plans

Conservation Plans

Water rights

Source development

Surface and groundwater treatment

Reservoirs and Dams

Pilot plant studies


Corrosion control optimization

Hydraulic modeling

Storage reservoirs

Booster stations

Kalama Reservoir
Kalama - 2 MG Reservoir
Pe Ell Water Treatment Plant
Pe Ell - Water Treatment Plant
Electric City Pyrolusite Filtration
Electric City - Pyrolusite Filtration
Hat Island Reverse Osmossis System
Hat Island - Reverse Osmosis System